Concept for new tv format

Early June I was asked to transform a section of an empty warehouse into a set – in just 1 day. The result went beyond brief, being taken to a higher, visual level.
The assignment was a new tv format promoting a high profile customer and represented by production company BLU. I’m thrilled to be able to show you the overall look that I created once the program airs – probably within the next few months.

New Danish criminal series with international twist

The Broadcaster Nordisk Film will lauch a new international series in the beginning of September 2019 on national broadcaster TV2. It tells the story of the fast growing tendency of trafficing of children. It's been an absolute honour to be working on this production in the first 6 months of this year. Cast include Charlotte Rampling, Anders Berthelsen and Nicolas Bro.
More pictures of my work with the set-design will follow upon the launch.

Production designer: Søren Gam. Head of props Arvid Berg Ørnbak and Michala Steiner-Rode. Conceptual director: Henrik Genz. Conceptual DOP: Jørgen Johannsen.

Lets have that talk



“Eventifying” has become a strong tendency for conveying visual branding. At the same time, this type of storytelling at events has become an important tool, not just for enhancing the spoken content, but using the visual and physicals designs as part of the story as well.

My primary goal is to help companies ensure that the entire message of the event is conveyed, and not just the after party. For me, this is the best way to enhance all of my best competencies, combining the DNA in my bones from working in the advertising world with my experience in facilitating different types of production work throughout the last 15 years.


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UX Vilnius






I’m happy to anounce  my participation in the next UX design conference hosted by Previously, I have created the set-design for the UX Copenhagen conferences of 2016 and 2017.
This time Helle Martens has expanded her acclaimed concept to Lithuania, and will be sharing an exiting group of international speakers at UX Vilnius 2018  on November 13th. 
I will be leading a group of Lithuanian designers in creating the set-design for the venue, and I can’t wait to see what wonderful ideas will come out of this intercultural cooperation.

The Rain II

The first ever Danish series produced for Netflix, THE RAIN, was launched by MISO FILM on May 4th 2018.
Preperations for season II of the series already started in June 2018.  In the months of pre-production, I worked as the Prop Master in an amazing universe of the production design, created by Martin W. Sputnik and Peter De Neergaard. I look forward to sharing our work with the world, some time in the future.

Hjertegalla 2018

In the end of April, Danish Heart Foundation is hosting its anual charity show. Together with productions designer Pernille Schellerup I will design the interior of this large scale show. This will be a lot of fun to work for such a wonderfull purpose.

UX Copenhagen 2018

I’m really chuffed to start the New Year designing the anual UX Copenhagen 18 conference for Helle at the end of February. This time round we’ll be in DGI Byens wonderfull facilities. Please look under event for at full review of the conferance that now has taken place.

“Grand Designs” format breaks under new titel on Danish TV

The acclaimed British Grand Design tv-series on architectur and interior design, has now reached Denmark. Allthough the Danish version has chosen another titel, content remains the same. I'm over the moon to be a part of the team who tell the story of the brave and visionary people who build their dream houses. The series broke in December 2017 on the main Danish broadcaster Danmarks Radio. Four more houses will follow in 2018 and I can't wait to share them with you. 669.000 viewers watched this particular programme, fortunately viewings has been consistant thorough the season. Visit this link if you too would like to view the "Hornbæk" storie.