Set design

“Troldehjertes Hemmelighed”

The Danish national broadcaster Danmarks Radio has launched a 8 episode childrens / teenage serie taking place in  the 1850’s. It’s a spin off the traditional 24 episode Christmas calender series that broke in 2022. I was honoured to lead the props departement along side  many talented colleagues. (2022).

True crime series “Amagermanden”

The case of the notorious rapist and killer Marcel Lychau Hansen is being investigated by journalist and former policeman Sebastian Richelsen, as the case after 20 years still leaves many questions.

DOP: Thomas Gerhart :: Production leader: Jasmin Lennart :: Production Company: STRONG. Set design: Michala Steiner-Rode (2021)


Doc: “Hitlers hemmelige Danmarksbilleder”

The national Danish broadcaster DR is telling an yet untold story about Hilters personal photographer, Walter Frentz, and his journey through Denmark in the summer of 1943. What he documented at this time, showed out to have an great impact on Hitler’s ledership from there on.

It was quite an intens experience having to re-create a dinner table party for Hitlers presence. Moreover to be able to retrieve real items from the time i.e curtesy of Engholm Museum’s extensive World War II collection, my search became just mind blowing. Suddenly history book came alive. I’m proud to be able to assist a talented team to be able to tell this amazing story. Premiere January 8th 2020.

Conceptual DOP: Hannelore Dörner. Production leader: Micha Frey Baudry. Productions company: LAUD PEOPLE. Props (Denmark): Michala Steiner-Rode (2019)

My Secret Admirer

The Danish cabel provider, You See, created a new formate for their customers, called My Secret Admirer. We watch the meeting of two people already are acquainted but now meet under completely different circumstances.

In making the set-design I created a place where exitment meets hope in a classy, intimate restaurant.

DOP: Toke Mathias Riskjær. Producer: Dan Mogensen. Set-design: Michala Steiner-Rode. Production company: BLU

The Rain II

Season 2 of the first Danish Netflix series, The Rain. Production Designers: Peter De Neergaard / Martin W. Sputnik: Heads of props: Michala Steiner-Rode / Joshua Bedford :: Production Company MISO Film

Skrue Tiden tilbage til 70’erne

In 2017 the national broadcaster DR choose to dedicate the year “Denmark’s historical year”. Along several other productions, “Turn back the time to the 70s” was created to tell the story about life in 4 social layers characterized by the decade.
It was a great pleasure for me to create this part of the a visual history book with such sharp factual angle. The 4 locations were situated in Copenhagen and suburbs, we visited a detached house, a collective, an apartment in a building block and finally a 2 room appartement.

Production company: Nordisk Film for DR. Set design: Michala Steiner-Rode and Jakob Holm. Props. Jonathan Petersen and Mads Lauersen.


Commercials for MENY retail chain

As a part of a ecological on-line campaign, the renouned supermarked chain MENY launched a series of commercials executed with a sophisticated and humorous touch. Heres one of the films.
DOP: Bo Tengberg :: Director: Kari Vidø :: Productions Company: Community Content :: Production Design: Peter De Neergard :: Set-design: Michala Steiner-Rode

Levevis commercial

National campaign for the established Danish bio dynamic brand LEVEVIS, shot on studio in Copenhagen. The film broke on national tv aswell as on serveral online platforms. Production Company:: Kunde & Co:: DOP: Andrew Grant Christensen:: Director: Christian Bagger :: Set design : Michala Steiner-Rode :: props: Joshua Beckford

Broadcaster: Danmarks Radio :: DOP: Manuel Claro :: Director: Nicklas Bendiksen :: Production Designer: Charlotte Bech :: Prop Masters: Emil Søgaard og Michala Steiner-Rode

DOMINO trailer

Director :: Brian De Palma. DOP: José Luis Alcaine :: Production Designer: Cornelia Ott

:: The Danish Art Departement unit; Production designer: Søren Schawarzenberg / Arvid Berg Ørnbak :: Prop master: Michala Steiner-Rode :: Set dresser / graphics : Sara Gad Wøldike, Lars Fog, Piyannah Ørnbak, Christian Gad, Michael Williams, Mads Koppel :: Production Company: Schønne Film.

Sony Xperia Z commercial

King Edward Filmproduction : DOP: Jakob Kusk : Director: Henrik Holmquist : Set design : Michala Steiner-Rode.

Trelleborg #1

Director: Henrik Holmquist. DOP: Rasmus Heise. Set design and props: Michala Steiner-Rode. Production Company: King Edward Filmproduktion

Trelleborg #2

Commercial, ELFA

Director: Niels A. Wetterberg . DOP: Jacob Kusk. Set design and props: Michala Steiner-Rode. Production Company: King Edward Filmproduktion, Danmark

Lurpak commercial #2 / 5

Lurpak commercial #4 / 5

OCR themed tv-programme, Spartans

Set design: Jakob D. Holm. Prop Master: Michala Steiner-Rode. Production Company: Nordisk Film TV  for NBC. 2017

KREJLERKONGEN has become one of the biggest successes of second hand design programmes in recent times which made it runner up for several Tv prices.

Constituent set designer and prop master, primary 3 sessons: Michala Steiner-Rode : props: Rasmus Koch and Casper Nilsson :: Concept: Carsten Colling and Sven Erik Skovmose :: TV director: Kasper Lange: Production company: STV for TV2

The Absent One / Fasandræberne

Director: Mikkel Nørgaard. DOP: Eric Kress. Production Design: Rasmus Tjellesen / Christian Arvad. Props: Michala Steiner-Rode. Production Company: Zentropa