UX Copenhagen 2024

The theme of this year’s UX Copenhagen conference revolved around “De-Growth and Consumerism”. For example we became insightful about Regenerative Design, Default thinking and Circular design.
I created the set design to visually portray the carbon footprint that individuals leave behind, even through the act of consuming something as simpel as a flower. Guests were struck by the message when presented with the actual data on the flower industry’s footprint.

The realistic appearance of the flowers, known as eternity flowers, and the subtle projection of them, provided the audience with a space to contemplate and digest the discussions surrounding the somewhat weighty world situation of “De-Growth and Consumerism”.

Christmas commercial for Lurpak

Just last week we wrapped the Lurpak Christmas commercial which is aimed for the global market. It was some amazing days in the Lurpak universe with wonderfull and talented colleagues.. Next month I can share more details with you when the commercial breaks.

Production company:: The Barm / Arla Foods. Shooting director:: Christian Gravesen::  Set design : Michala Steiner-Rode  (2023)

Visual re-lauch of Social Foodies

I was asked to bring back Social Foodies to its original visual roots, telling the amazing story behind the motto Doing Good Better. 

The storytelling wall was restored in all 7 shops, showing the farmers and projects that are the backbone of Social Foodies. The interior colours sceeme was inspired by Africas many nuances and fresh plants and conformable cushions tied the in-store cafe experience together.

On prints, I zoomed in on both the  local production of the raw materials as well as the selection of services the brand provides. The “Tak” postcard meaning “thank you”, however, acknowledges the consumers for supporting the actual fundation of Social Foodies effords to help enhance the circumstances of African farmers.

























Shop re-design

Picture 1:  before 

Picture 2 + 3:  after

UX Copenhagen 2023

At the end of March I facilitated the set -design for the 9th UX Copenhagen conference, this time with participants from an astonishing 26 counties. On the amazing location on Big Bio in Nordhavn, I interpreted this years theme; Invisibility. Here’s a few snaps.








Promotional film for David Zilber



Former co-founder of NOMA and scientist, David Zilber has promoted a new venture in the States in a 3 minute promotional film. 
In coorperation with David and american producer Krista Ruane, I Art Directed the pitch, which mainly took place in city of science in the outskirts of Copenhagen.

Production company: Good Company Pictures. Art Direction: Michala Steiner-Rode  (2022)

Tv series “Troldehjertets Hemmelighed”

From August through to October I was fortunate to work as Head of Art Dep. shooting a 8 episode called “Troldehjertets hemmelighed” . The story is a spin off of the amazing universe of “Julehjertes hemmelighed”,  a 24 episode story which takes place in Denmark in the 1850s.  Production design the talented Thomas Greve.

Both productions came to life through collaboration of the national Danish Broadcaster, DR and production company Mastiff. “Trollehjertets hemmelighed” will air in April 2023.

“Babylons stol 2”, DR / Ramasjang

Up until the summer holiday, I was working on the 2 season of the childrens series “”Babylons stol 2”. The national broadcaster DR childrens channel “Ramasjang” told another new story of the magical chair, Babylon where a group of friends overcome many obstacles in paranormal worlds. Production company :: Duck Eye. Props: Julia Jayko Fossland and Michala Steiner-Rode (2022).



Escape room show “En vej ud”

I just finished a hilarious time working in props on season 2 of “En vej ud”,  an escape room show who invites celebraties to play along a string of difficult tasks, to find the way out . Production company: BLU. Productiondesigner  / gamemaster: Christian Arvad. Head of props: Lars Ole Koefoed-Hansen (2022).


Esch 2022 REMIX opening


The Opening of Cultural city of Europe 2022 in Luxenbourg. I worked as Art director and production coordinator in a Danish / German co-operation. Lauch date, february 26th 2022.


“Esch 2022 REMIX”. Please click on the link below to see the official after video of the event.