Event / Conference

UX Copenhagen 2020

Due to the COVID-19 out break, the 6th international UX Copenhagen conference, with speakers and participants from 49 different counties, was transformed to a studio streaming session. In just 10 days a large scale set-design and a huge logitics task including all actors, aired as scheduled on March 30 th. – 31 th.

Speakers words, what is “influence” and “designing for good” about?

It has been a privillege to work with  the talented people at the event agency Kiwi Birds through August and September. During this time we have developed and executed events for three high end brands. Hopefully soon I’ll be able share pictures from these events. This picture above originates from one of the amazing locations we were executing at, it’s called Docken and is situated in the Freeport of Copenhagen.

Creating UX COPENHAGEN 2019

This year Hellemartens.com could celebrate her 5th anniversary in hosting the international UX Copenhagen Conference. A festive touch was therefore called for, adding a golden dimension to the original set-design which carried the theme of PRIVACY and CONSENT.
I worked with the simple idea of an boble and how both the designer and the user unwillingly can relate delutedly to the web, as if in a boble. Designer AnneLi Idnert created an amazing line of illustrations for the conference’s printed and web identity. In addition, I created the Boble Head People, figures placed around the conference hall as interactive installation. The figures were also incorporated in an amazing Shadow choreography, which kickstarted Day 2.
To round it all off, a Photo booth was set up to make the participants play with disquises while making a photo statement. It was all about PRIVACY and CONTENT.

The conference was a smashing hit, with an strong range of international speakers as well as participants. It was great privillege to be able to work on Helle Martens conferance once again.

Thank you to Across Europe IVS for helping me create the wonderful Boble Head People.

Hjertegalla 2018

Sentiments from the Hjerte Galla 2018 show  

The Danish Heart Foundation, Hjerteforeningen, staged a large scale national fundraising day on April 22nd. During the day, volunteers hit the streets and as came evening the actual show took place. I was fortunate create the set-design matching up to the production design by Pernille Schellerup. The iconic Heart Cone Chairs designed in 1957 by Panton was shipped in from Schweiz in order to play the centerpiece in the overall design. The flower decorations was carefully chosen to resembel all shades of red aswell as the shape of an actual heart. All elements, from furniture to the collection pods, represented authentity and high quality. This responded to the level of effort the Danish Heart Foundation add to their every day work for this cause. Production Company: Warner Bros International Television Production, Denmark.

Christmas Party in the theme of Dirty Dancing